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About the Nuclear Security Summits

2016 Nuclear Security Summit

The Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) process, initiated by President Obama in 2010, has successfully drawn high-level attention to nuclear security.  The summits, which have been held every two years since the first summit in 2010, bring together heads of state to focus on the critical issue of reducing risks from fissile materials proliferation. However, the upcoming summit in 2016 will be the last.  It therefore holds a special significance: the NSS process is ending, but nuclear security requires sustained vigilance and continuous progress. 

Solutions for a Secure Nuclear Future

Official Side Event to the 2016 NSS for Non-Governmental Nuclear Security Experts

The Solutions for a Secure Nuclear Future (SSNF) is a summit convened along side the 2016 NSS.

This invitation-only international conference will draw 200 nuclear security experts from nearly 50 countries in Washington, D.C. It will highlight the importance of minimizing and eliminating weapons-useable materials, achieving a comprehensive nuclear security regime, and establishing sustainable nuclear security governance.

Nuclear Industry Summit

Official Side Event to the 2016 NSS for the Nuclear Industry

The 2016 Nuclear Industry Summit (NIS 2016) will take place in Washington, D.C. at the Grand Hyatt Washington from Wednesday, March 30-Thursday, March 31. 

During NIS 2016, hundreds of CEOs and industry leaders from around the world will confer about finalizing actions from previous Nuclear Industry Summits and address three key areas:

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) is organizing the 2016 Nuclear Industry Summit.