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Dr. Sara Kutchesfahani explains how The material that makes blood irradiators so effective is a highly radioactive substance that poses a pressing security challenge since it can be made into a dirty bomb.


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By Irma Arguello (NPSGlobal Foundation), Sharon Squassoni (CSIS), Paul Walker (Green Cross International)
By Sophia Chen, Quoted Miles Pomper (CNS)
By Stephen Young (Union of Concerned Scientists)
By Micah Zenko, Interviewed Matt Bunn (Belfer)
By Simon Shuster, Quoted Sharon Squassoni (CSIS)
By Jon Wolfsthal (Belfer) and Laura S. H. Holgate
By Simon Saradzhyan and William Tobey (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists)
By Sophia Chen, Quoted Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress (CNS)
Interview of Lord Browne of Ladyton (NTI)
By Jerry Sergei Davydov
By Hannah Haegeland and Reema Verma (Stimson center)
By Ed Lyman (Union of Concerned Scientists)
By David Lowry, Quoted Sam Nunn (NTI)
Showing 1 - 15 of 610