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The Results We Need in 2016: Policy Recommendations for the Nuclear Security Summit

The FMWG invited respected international experts to form working groups on three topics that need further study:
    • Eliminating HEU in Civilian Applications
    • Enhancing the Security of Military Materials
    • Information, Standards, and Security Culture
The Results We Need report outlines policy recommendations that could be implemented through the NSS process and beyond from each of the three groups.













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February 2017

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Key Resources


How do we make the nuclear security regime comprehensive?

International Cooperation to Secure Military Nuclear Materials 

Bridging the Military Nuclear Materials Gap


How do we make the nuclear security regime rigorous?

Nuclear Energy: Securing the Future - A Case for Voluntary Consensus Standards

The Quest for for Nuclear Security Standards


How do we make the nuclear security regime open?

Nuclear Security and Information Sharing


How do we make the nuclear security regime sustainable?

Strengthening Nuclear Security Implementation Initiative: Evolution, Status, Next Steps

International Convention on Nuclear Security


How do we reduce stockpiles of dangerous nuclear materials?

A Roadmap to Minimize and Eliminate Highly Enriched Uranium

The Case for Highly Enriched Uranium-Free Zones

Permanent Risk Reduction: A Roadmap for Replacing High-Risk Radioactive Sources and Materials


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