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The Fissile Materials Working Group (FMWG) is a non-governmental coalition of more than 70 U.S. and international organizations working to provide action-oriented policy solutions to keep the world safe from nuclear terrorism. More.

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Release Date: 08-08-2014
Interview with Matthew Bunn (Harvard)and William Tobey (Harvard)
Release Date: 08-06-2014
By Matthew Bunn (Harvard), Nickolas Roth (Harvard), and William Tobey (Harvard)
Release Date: 07-30-2014
By Douglas Birch, quoted: Matthew Bunn (Harvard), Nickolas Roth (Harvard), William Tobey (Harvard), and Daryl Kimball (ACA)
Release Date: 07-23-2014
Global Security Newswire - Elaine M. Grossman, quoted: Miles Pomper (CNS)
Release Date: 07-16-2014
Nuclear Threat Initiative